Brian Tucker CPA wanted to partner with an IT provider who we could rely on for advice, support and a stable system.

Forward thinking, stronger partnerships


Previously our IT was managed by multiple providers but whenever there was a problem, they would blame each others involvement, delay a resolution and cause incalculable downtime and frustration for the firm. It was time we found another IT provider so we spoke with Cloud IT to discuss upgrading our infrastructure and support.


We wanted to partner with an IT provider who we could rely on for advice, support and a stable system.

Building the relationship

We first met with Cloud IT in 2009 when cloud computing was a relatively new concept. Our initial conversations were impressive as they told us about the technology, their systems and the benefits to us. We weren’t in a position to transfer onto the cloud at that time, which they respected and helped us with the hardware procurement and installation that suited us. Our account manager kept us informed about the technology over the years but never pushed us for anything we weren’t ready for.

Five years later and our systems were reaching their useful life, so we decided to talk to Cloud IT about transitioning from physical servers to the cloud. They took control of the installation and integration with little fuss, keeping us in the loop at all times and working around our needs.

We’ve been online with Cloud IT for over two years and it’s one of the best business decisions we’ve made. The system is definitely faster than our previous in-house servers. In particular, two members of our audit team work in very remote parts of Australia and the speed of access they now have to the system is a giant leap forward.

Another selling point for the cloud architecture was the backup, redundancy and disaster recovery systems in place. This was no mere sales pitch. In the two years we have been on the platform, we have had continuous 24/7/365 service, except for one single outage. On that occasion, our system ran slow in the afternoon and we logged the issue. We were given instant feedback that a serious issue had occurred at the data centre and that Cloud IT would be working on this overnight. They did, and the next morning, our system was back to normal. Within a matter of hours, Mark (Managing Director) emailed a complete incident report of what Cloud IT was busy doing all night while we all got some sleep. And through all that, not one piece of lost data. That level of service and openness in communication, when things really counted, was impressive.


Based on the level of service and trustworthy advice, I can’t fathom what it would take for us to change providers. Cloud IT have always given us great advice and have been at the forefront of the industry with their products and service. Our systems are now accessible from anywhere in the country and downtime is a thing of the past. If you want to experience service and an IT system that’s ahead of the game, contact Cloud IT today.