Digging deep for Australian Miners

We know there’s more to mining than digging holes and moving dirt, which is why we simplify the way regional offices and satellite services connect with each other and head office.

Technology should be a conduit for making simple connections with peers and clients. It reduces barriers so you can connect easily and focus on the needs of your business. But what happens when the connection fails or an electrical surge causes your server or equipment to malfunction. Who can you rely on to fix that connection?

Cloud IT is all about building stronger connections and producing IT systems that work to drive efficiency and reduce workplace stresses. Working remotely shouldn’t hinder performance or accessibility, making the need to utilise a singular desktop and common files among employees more important than ever.

Whether you’re referring to earth moving machinery or IT, there is a staggering cost to every minute your team is unable to work. Cloud IT’s digital infrastructure and platforms mean that in times of emergency or power fluctuations, your unique and individual system features backup, recovery and security features that exceed industry standards.

As the name suggests, our services are all cloud based, enabling agility and speed of data recovery in the event of an emergency, greater accessibility no matter where you are and reliable IT infrastructure. We’ve partnered with the world’s leading IT brands such as Microsoft, VMWare and Citrix to ensure our systems are compatible with the brands most trusted by industries with remote site managers, such as mining. We’re even an MYOB Certified Partner for both Practice and Enterprise.

Finally be free of your power hungry, space consuming servers and stop using manual backup tapes on site. We can host your desktop and entire IT infrastructure on the cloud for greater peace of mind and operational efficiency.

If you don’t understand IT, that’s ok, because we do. It’s what we bring to the relationship. Our extensive system audits ensure we know how your current IT works and guides our plan to create a more accessible and easily understood IT system that can grow and adapt as your business continues to change.

Great things happen when you embrace simplicity. Contact Cloud IT today on 07 3390 8833 and let us simplify your world.