Disaster recovery

We’re all too familiar with the pain of losing data. We’ve loved and lost too, which inspired us to develop a secure, high speed recovery service that’s available when you need it most.

Disaster Recovery is an imperative part of every business, yet a service you hope to never use. To see hours of work lost, deadlines crushed and relationships tarnished can be too much for some to bear; who would’ve thought a failed hard drive or server could cause so much pain.

The Cloud IT Disaster Recovery service is a three-fold system focusing on backup, protection and security to keep your data safe and ready when you’re faced with disaster. Cloud IT owns, operates and developed a private and secure Australian data centre facility that utilises off-site data backup and multi-layered systems redundancies that exceed industry standards. In the event of an emergency, Cloud IT are able to recover your data quickly by accessing one of multiple secure copies, keeping your business running in the event of hardware failure.

Feel confident knowing your data is just a phone call away if disaster strikes. Cloud IT will quickly restore your system and get your team back to the task at hand with minimal disruption. Contact us today on 07 3390 8833 for more information.