Infrastructure as a service

Make stronger connections with custom workspaces and enjoy a smarter way to work with the help of virtualised components such as servers, network connections and bandwidth.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is also known as a virtualised environment and the way in which businesses can work remotely while accessing a central point of data. Rather than using physical hardware such as servers and hard drives, IaaS creates virtual infrastructure in a cloud environment with a personalised access point on the internet. Once IaaS is setup, operating platforms such as Windows can then be established.

Cloud IT virtual infrastructure reduces the cost and risk associated with business and enterprise digital operations. These virtual systems extremely reliable and highly adaptable, allowing private clouds to integrate into your physical systems to hold confidential content and information. Whether business is booming or a little quieter than expected, Cloud software can be easily scalable to suit your needs.

Access your data no matter your location and enjoy an integrated data solution. Cloud IT can specify and build your virtual infrastructure to suit your needs. Contact us today on 07 3390 8833 for more information.