Platform as a Service

Access your apps and files from more places, no matter the location, with Cloud IT’s Platform as a Service online management system.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) replaces the need for physical servers with all of your applications and files kept in a secure and dedicated cloud environment. This means no onsite servers requiring maintenance or backup, and unparalleled accessibility to your system from anywhere, using an internet enabled device. This includes tablets, laptops, PCs and thin clients in remote and rural areas.

Think of the Platform as the front end, or desktop, of your current computer system – visually it’s the same as what you’ve always used but now your files and regular apps such as MYOB and Microsoft Office are installed to your personal cloud rather than locally on your server.

Cloud IT PaaS packages are charged in regular monthly installments and include the licenses for all the software you use, allowing for regular updates and access to the current version of these programs. Each package is tailored to your needs to ensure the correct system is specified to suit your business.

Access simplicity without the hassle of servers and personal maintenance. Contact us today on 07 3390 8833 for more information.