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Single sign on with MYOB logins

Working in the cloud is all about access and convenience, which is what MYOB had in mind when they activated their single-sign-on service.

MYOB’s Pulse blog is reporting a new level of accessibility with a single-sign-on service called MYOB Logins. Similar to the way a Google login works ie one Google sign in for every Google service, MYOB Logins means you only need one set of credentials to access your MYOB practice solution, AccountRight, Essentials etc.

This makes accessing your account easier than ever because you only need to remember one unique ID to get to your information and it saves you time when swapping between applications.

The development of MYOB Logins was more than just a way to improve user accessibility, it also complies with access for the new ATO standard business reporting framework (SBR).

Setting up Logins only takes a couple of minutes per application and will make your day that little bit easier. For more information click here.